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SBA Disaster Loans

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Physcial and Economic Injury

*Special conditions may allow for more.

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*With fully submitted client docs 



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*With fully submitted client docs

Hire Barthelemy Commerical Capital As Your Loan Packager and Agent to Handle The SBA


GREAT NEWS! Business Loan Packages submitted to the SBA from Barthelemy Commercial Capital has a higher approval rate than the national average.  You are in great hands with us, we are honest and integral. Although the SBA does not require for you to hire a professional,  Barthelemy Commercial Capital is here to help you avoid unnecessary disaster loan application pitfalls and assist you in receiving the funds you need to rebuild—now!  

HOW? We are extremely knowledgeable with SBA guidelines and practices and stay up-to-date. We offer a complimentary consulation and credit analysis with the prospective borrower.  If the borrower is determined to be a good candidate to apply for a disaster loan, according to our professional analysis and experience with the SBA, we prepare an application and loan package that exactly matches SBA requirements to increase the chances of approval.  

HOWEVER, If we feel your loan will not have a good chance of success, after a complimentary analysis, we will not package or submit it and you owe us nothing.

LOW FEES – We understand the situation you’re in and will never price gauge or nickel and dime you!  To make sure we assist our clients in their time of need and also to ensure SBA compliance, our fee is lower than what the SBA recommends for a loan packager/agent!

SBA Disaster Loans Get Up To $2 Million For Businesses and NonProfits

For All Businesses

If your business or private, nonprofit organization has suffered physical damage or your small business or private, nonprofit organization of any size has sustained economic injury after a disaster, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration. If your business—regardless of size—is located in the declared disaster area, you may apply for a long-term, low-interest loan to repair or replace damaged property. 

Even if your property was not damaged and you are a small business owner or a private, nonprofit organization, you may apply for a working capital loan from the SBA to relieve the economic injury caused by the disaster. 

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Make The SBA Take You Seriously

Be sure your applications fully comply with SBA guidelines. Many qualified business owner’s SBA Disaster loan applications are declined due to an improper loan application filing, insufficient documentation and incorrect packaging submission.  The Small Business Administration’s Office of Disaster Assistance is working around the clock to assist businesses recover from the devastating blow of a disaster. However,  if your paperwork is improperly or unprofessionally filed, it can cause a delay or denial of your loan.  Why take the chance?  Have your loan professionally packaged by BCC, an SBA lending specialist!

*Special circumstances may qualify for more. Loans provided by U. S. Small Business Administration Office of Disaster Assistance and funded directly by the US Treasury Department. Barthelemy Commercial Capital is not a government agent or contractor.

Barthelemy Commercial Capital is an accredited business with an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and is also a  Dun and Bradstreet | Access To Capital Preferred Lender.  |