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New Business Setup / Startups Consultancy

If you are planning your own startup business, but have no hint how to research, plan, launch it and make it successful, then ask us. We are the solution to all your consultancy needs. Starting a new small business with the help of a unyielding business start up consultant is like appearing for the hardest competition under the guidance of paramount coach.
Beginning from research, planning, to execution, online presence, advertisement campaign, marketing, to actually making it a profitable business in 6 – 8 months; you can expect start-up business consultancy like spoon-feeding.

You can expect the following services:

• Research and sourcing
• Procuring viable funding/financing for qualified businesses
• Finding the best and viable business location/property if necessary.
• Business plan
• Strategy setting
• Logo and business startup pack creation
• Trademarks and Copyrights
• Branding and Marketing campaign planning and execution
• Advertisements – campaign planning and execution
• Running the business till it becomes profitable, and then hand over total control of a profitable business

Business Growth Consultancy

With extensive marketing leadership experience, Growth Consulting will work with you and your team to get on track and achieve objectives consistent with your strategic plan.

We can work with you to assess business opportunities by looking at you own business and the markets you operate in. We can carry out due diligence into your offering and provide a published independent financial health check and will be pleased to help you analyze this and develop your business plan to reflect the opportunities and challenges in this. Where required, we can help you present your case to potential backers.

We can help you understand your business strengths and areas for improvement by:

• Conducting in-depth diagnostics using a range of diagnostic and benchmarking tools
• Facilitating management review sessions
• Providing reports and action plans
• We can design, facilitate, analyse and present reports to help you manage your business better.
• We can conduct a range of surveys, including:
• Staff satisfaction
• Customer satisfaction
• Customer needs analysis

We offer our support as a trusted and respected independent advisor, either on a consultancy or non-exec basis, dealing with all strategic and financial matters and tailoring our approach to your needs

Business Expansion / Diversification Consultancy

So you have a company that is doing exceptionally well. You have thought about taking your company to the next level with expansion, but you aren’t quite sure of how to do this. How would you benefit? Would you expand in a bad location and the company flop? All of these are reasonable questions to have with such a big goal.

Business consulting firms all over the world deal with things such as this on a daily basis. They have experts that can help you decide if making such a big move is a good idea, or if it is something you might not be ready for. Having a consultant that has expertise in expansion and growth in your corner is a wise choice.

With a new location, you want to make sure that a company can expand without causing more harm than good. A consultant can research the location you want to expand to and see if there are similar companies to yours. If there are, they can find out how many. If there are ten companies that offer the same services as you do, you will be the new kid on the block, and it may be hard to survive.

If all the research shows that you could benefit from expansion, a consultant can be with you every step of the way. They can provide you with endless information and knowledge to ensure that your company is a success! One of the main reasons a company will expand is to increase profit. A business consultant will make sure this will be the case.