A Proper Loan Application Package For An SBA Disaster Assistance Loan Is Critical To Its Approval

FAST FACT: Approximately 50% of  all disaster loans applications submitted by individuals and businesses are denied, some due to credit issues, but also many due to insufficient loan packaging.

GREAT NEWS! Business Loan Packages submitted to the SBA from Barthelemy Commercial Capital has a higher approval rate than the national average.  If we feel your loan will not be approved, we will not submit it. Although the SBA does not require for you to hire a professional,  Barthelemy Commercial Capital is here to help you avoid unnecessary disaster loan application pitfalls and assist you in receiving the funds you need to rebuild—now!  We offer a complimentary consulation and credit analysis with the prospective borrower.  If the borrower is determined to be a good candidate to apply for a disaster loan, according to our professional analysis and experience with the SBA, we prepare an application and loan package that exactly matches SBA requirements to increase the chances of approval.